by Bill Vaughn

Other Books by Bill Vaughn

Making Bones, a novel

Could investigating murders be a turn-on? Before she hooked up with a cop Izzy Sain hadn’t given the notion any thought. But she’s surprised at how much fun it turns out to be, and how chasing down a psychopath with a guy you like puts a brand new spin on the whole boy-girl thing. The story opens on two brothers working a secret dig to excavate a world-class fossil in Montana’s remote Missouri Breaks when unexpected company arrives. Four years later, Izzy, a cattleman’s daughter working as a professional photographer, is on a river trip with her old pals and her new lover, a Bureau of Land Management ranger, when she comes across a grisly find. Order the Kindle edition from amazon

Hip-Hop Hares

Matchless images gleaned from Outside's "Parting Shot" photos featured at the back of the magazine. Order from amazon

First, a little Chee-Chee

For anyone who's finally ready to stop making sense and start wasting time, here's the ultimate instructional manual. Order from amazon